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Dream, 9 February 2010

By Craig Sernotti

There is a dog. A car.
A dog in a car. When
did that dog learn how to drive?
No, that’s not true.
He’s in the front seat
because his human ran into the
liquor store for a case of Yuengling
and lottery tickets. Why
are you staring at the dog? Why
are your clothes off? Why
are your feet dirty? I have to
fill a prescription at the pharmacy.
No, I am coming out of the pharmacy
because I picked up my medication.
Passing old men stare and get jabbed
in the ribs by their old wives.
If I were wearing clothes I would
take them off to cover you up.
No, I am wearing clothes and I don’t
know you. Who are you? What happened to you?
You look so calm, so beautiful,
wearing nothing but a smile

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