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Dracula Branch

By JD Nelson

Soon manner of a cow first boiling boy. It oily I camera.

Move the moon. I was wise in white and smarter than a napkin. Yes, a clone with insides.

Rass, the Denver cleaner. Too manrass is nothing. A farm with bright answer. The dream of hooks in pockets lined with Mars and noise. Hockey taking too long. Pocket of the mind of moon a random.

The book of hammers. The only sad line in Texas.

Halving a moon. Later: the moon is a sliding hand of the k—. The clean name, a possible pea. Oh, it was a drawback.

The dream of Crayola brown. Another fire, not unnatural. A planet of brains heavy with later. Hands were speaking – I couldn’t believe my feet. The plush wooden dime.

Skilled moss, the vowel number right with season. Uncaring tomorrow Earth? The natural order of something clean.

Aught um. As mooney is ark. A small ounce for mice.

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