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On Spirit

By Pete Simonelli

Long after the music has stopped,
and the people have all gone home,
we can speak of a spirit, Jack
—how, staring into it,
certain memories drift uncontrolled through the vast
and empty room. Tears in Italy, hungry, over a bowl of hot
soup. Neglected in Paris. The Browns
and Steelers game found on a radio, much later
in Greece, where old men remembered your property
as their own once.
Scores of memories roaming above your desk, waiting
for their proper sentence and place.

I’m imagining this, eyes closed, the aromas
of boiled eggs and toast and last night’s beer
lingering in the kitchen, where, suddenly,
she, who’s never been sudden anywhere
or at any time, appears miscast, saying (as if she could
take it back),
“I just shit out a ton of blood,
and I have no idea why.”

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