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ather be dumb

By Nick Hranilovich

Wake up Id rather be stupid Get beer it make stupid! no, because beer make me wish was stupid enough to like beer or being stupid ather be dumb Get stonered it feel smart even for stupid! But no because stonereing make me stupid so long its still a stupid when I wish it for a smart Art! Is from your smart! Art feel stu…pid. all arters stonered anyway? They make self stupid n get attention like babies with head traumas

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I Want A Writer’s Block

By Joan McNerney

A real writer’s block. After I’m finished

writing, I could run and skip down streets

with all the other writers on the block.

Compare notes, exaggerate and have fun.

Another good one would be a crystal block

on which the great master works were contained.

Stick it in a pocket and read it with my

fingertips. Why strain my vision?

How about this? A big block of ice cream

oozing pass throat filled with inspiration.

Or a chocolate block made from creamy images.

I want a writer’s block. Any of the above.

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