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By Joseph Goosey

The absence of my success can be attributed to my refusal of the treadmill.

I saw your father today,
I used his first name and I think that got him excited.

Maybe your father is really a puppy?

Some day I’m going to buy a Huskie
and that will shut everybody’s thin little mouth.

It’s a part of the times,
to loathe Mickey Mouse
but I think he’s alright.

Have you been to Epcot Center lately?

It’s really international commerce legal slave trade at it’s peak

I’d like to live inside Epcot Center with you and my Huskie.

Morocco, probably,
they’ve got an excellent Baklava.

France, maybe,
blacking out for more $$$ is delicious.

America, no way,
they only sell
chicken tenders
with one type
of fucking mustard.

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